KOMATSU Toshimitsu

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Prof. Toshimitsu Komatsu is an Emeritus of Kyushu University (Japan) and is still working energetically as a visiting professor in Kyushu University. He has served as a member of Science Council of Japan, an expert researcher of Japan Society for Promotion of Science, a council member of Japan Society of Hydrology & Water Resources, a vice president of the Japan Federation of Engineering Societies(JFES), and an vice president of Japan branch of International Association for Hydraulic Research (IAHR) and served out as an ex-chair of the hydraulic engineering committee and an ex-president of the western branch in Japan Society of Civil Engineering (JSCE).

He has an excellent background of civil engineering, specialized in water-related disaster risk management. In particular, he has contributed himself to hydro-science and hydraulic engineering for over 30 years in the world-wide academic researches and activities. Thanks to these contributions to the civil engineering community, he received several awards, such as the best paper award from IAHR and the awards for Superior Technology from JSCE.


He has been interested in the practical engineering on disaster prevention and mitigation since 2005 because of the frequent occurrences of more severe disasters in Japan and the other Asian countries for a past decade under the climate change. He has joined WFEO as a member of CDRM since 2006. His current work is working for the CDRM activities world-widely and doing awareness of how important the disaster risk management is to public people regionally.