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  • Engineering must help achieve material wealth within a sustainable development perspective.Technological research and smart applications should support societies and countries in generating social values and safeguarding the social and cultural heritage of each community of people.
  • Defining engineering’s social mission in a rapid changing context will be the starting point of the event, which will then focus on challenges related to safeguarding and developing humankind’s heritage.
  • Science, technology and engineering should contribute to two principles: ensuring social and technological changes for a better life and safeguarding the contextinwhich such changes take place. Engineers should not only lead progressive material wealth but also act for the conservation of humankind’s heritage, defining a new development path.
  • WEF2017 aims to analyze humankind’s heritage in its different aspects, considering its conservation and preservation as a great challenge for engineers and for society. Rapid changes on a global scale may represent opportunities for increasing material wealth, but also threats to the preservation of the common heritage of each country, including landscape, natural environment, climate and monumental heritage. Engineering should propose smart solutions, combining development, wealth and conservation of humankind’s heritage through different approaches.
  • The Forum will be open both to decision-makers and professionals working in the field of managing, restoring and safeguarding cultural heritage and its different components. Managers, designers, researchers and restorers dealing with a wide range of activities connected with safeguarding humankind’s heritage are warmly welcome to the event, as are representatives of governmental and institutional bodies.